Of all the reviews I’ve received for “The Butterfly Enigma”, this is one I shall treasure. It’s from Marcelle Fitoussi, my friend Lydia’s French cousin.

From Paris, she writes:

“After a very busy period this spring and beginning summer, I am glad to be on holidays for a month. And holidays mean you’re quiet and have time to read! I spent last week with amazing book! I couldn’t even let it, during my first week of holidays, outside, in restaurants, in cafés. I went to Normandy to the Impressionism painting festival… a whole week with Lena and Jacques and Valli and all those amazing details of Melbourne Court and justice system, all the places I could see where it was… That is my general impression! A book that really fills you, that you cannot let until the last page…

I felt this book much more personal, you seemed to have put a lot of your own “vécu” as we say in french, you have obviously been working very hard, because each detail, place or character seems real and natural as if we met again old friends after your two first books. Previously, I went back to the previous books to be sure I was familiar again with the previous part of the story and it was amazing to find again the exact story following in this book (the way Lena and Jacques were found and saved by Marguerite).

I loved the development of the story, the personality of Lena strong, decided, never disturbed of the objective she had, all the french references so “well à propos” and the study of the human being in general. I particularly enjoyed the mixed stories: Hunt for nazi criminals, love attractions in diverse senses among all characters. The Butterfly Enigma is a thriller with the big History as a background and all personal and private stories among. It was very interesting to learn about all those details of Barristers, supreme court, judges and the profession of court reporter, even if I had a few difficulties only at the beginning with all the english terms of that field. But then I had made a small dictionary of the main terminology so it was easier!

Nothing has been left to hazard. I’ve seen all the readings you made and obviously an incredible number of other researches, we do see through the novel. Really congratulations, you know that now you have an overseas fan crazy about your books! Thank you again for this amazing book, I already look forward for the next one and wish you could be translated into French.