Available December 8th

The Butterfly Enigma

Lena, the lost child. Found wandering the streets of German-occupied Paris. She speaks German and a little French. She also knows some Latvian words, but mostly she is a silent child. Over the years she comes to regard herself as essentially French: Mademoiselle Lena Marceau. Yet buried in the hidden recesses of memory, there always remains that other Lena. Child of another time and place.

Australia in the ‘Swinging Sixties.’ A time of social revolution and daring new freedoms. Lena is working in the Melbourne Law Courts. One day she hears a man’s voice. A voice that sounds hauntingly familiar. A voice that chills her to the core. Is it possible this man has something to do with her unknowable past? Lena embarks on a search for more: a newspaper story, a history, a connection. Each fact she uncovers only leads to more questions. And slowly, layer by layer, the past is peeled away, revealing a portrait of evil going back twenty-seven years and touching on Lena’s own personal tragedy.

The Butterfly Enigma ranges from the from the submarine-patrolled sea lanes of the Baltic to the staid courtrooms of mid-sixties Australia, to the island of Crete, to Paris, to Tel Aviv and the inner workings of the Mossad, and to Rio de Janeiro. A gripping story of one young woman’s search for her lost past. Above all, her passionate desire for justice and retribution.

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